The Bavarian Mountains

Sunday found us with free time to visit the Bavarian mountains, about two hours from Munich. The day was quite cold and as we climbed the foothills sleet and snow made an appearance. Even so, we were able to see glimpses of the Alps in the distance.

Neuschwanstein Castle. On our final Sunday, we had an opportunity to visit “Mad King Ludwig’s castle” (see earlier blog on Munich). In mid-May we were greeted with freezing temperatures and snow mixed with sleet. Undaunted, our intrepid band made it up a steep hill, perhaps half a mile in length, to take a tour of the castle, in which photographs are not permitted.

En route we stopped to see the fantastically elaborate interiors of Ettal Abbey, a magnificent church belonging to the Roman Catholic Benedictine Order, and to Altoetting, a church dedicated to a special religious pilgrimage.

Ettal Abbey
Altoetting Altar

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