The Olympic Park & BMW

Following our Friday morning visit with the technical school and the CCI, we enjoyed the opportunity to walk through the Olympic Park built for the 1972 Olympics. It remains today very much the way it sat at the conclusion of the Olympics, a national park commemorating the assassination of eleven Israeli athletes and a policeman by Palestinian terrorists in the middle of the Olympic festivities. The pictures below show Roundtable members approaching the park and viewing the special memorial to the Israeli athletes, many of them members of the Israeli wrestling team. Some of the coaches had survived the Nazi death camps.

Approaching Olympic Park
Memorial to Murdered Israeli Athletes

BMW Tour.  Then it was on to the tour of the BMW facility. Unlike the tour of the VW plant (see the earlier post on the VW Transparent Factory), this tour was a celebration of BMW’s history.

BMW Museum

BMW, we were told, began as an aircraft manufacturer during World War I. Prohibited from building airplanes by the Versailles Treaty that ended the war, it began building motorcycles and small automobiles. Today, the BMW marque also includes the British icons Rolls Royce and Minis. Its products range from small automobiles for entry-level owners to luxury limousines. Our tour began with a lengthy exposure to what can only be understood as monuments to conspicuous consumption, Rolls Royce SUV’s and sedans, with starting prices at around $250,000. We then moved systematically through the history of BMW’s production line.

Early roadster

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