Siemens – Mechatronics Training

Lauren von Steuben (center below)described an impressive program to provide a national and internationally recognized certification in “mechatronics.” Once again the concept of  “handlungkompetenz” made an appearance. Mechatronics is a combination of electrical, mechanical, and information technology systems.

Lauren von Steuben describes mechaatronics to James Harvey (l) and Chris Cross (r).

The program aims to provide Siemens certificates at Level 1- assistant, typically a high school graduate; Level 2 – Associate, typically the equivalent of a community college graduate; and Level 3 – Engineer, often associated with a bachelor’s degree.

Siemens employs a systems approach, hands-on learning experiences, and systems-focused trouble-shooting. The mechatronics training provides an international industry skills certification, one that is comprehensive and not oriented around Siemens’ needs, and it is consistent with high standards of achievement worldwide. Very significantly, said von Steuben, it is delivered together with partners in the education community – school systems or colleges and universities worldwide.

Siemens is actively looking for school partners who want to work with this major German corporation as part of a secondary school diploma or community college studies. The company functions on a “training the trainer” approach, offering educational partners two weeks of training in Georgia (or Nuremberg) and then working with the partners to define practical first steps to get a program leading to a Siemens certificate up and running.

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