Paris, Je T’Aime

Paris, Je T’Aime was the title of a recent movie tribute to the beautiful city of Paris. It’s easy to see why people would love the city, given itsĀ  famous landmarks. Here are some of the most prominent sites, pictures taken on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning.

Eiffel Tower, temporary structure erected for the 1889 World's Fair, but it never came down

Les Invalides - French veterans' hospital. Built in 17th century it stil houses some veterans, but most of it is devoted to a military museum and to Napoleon's tomb

L'Opera - A fantastic building, it gave rise to the legend of the Phantom of the Opera and includes an underground pond that figures prominently in the legend.

L'Arc de Triomphe - commissioned by Napoleon to commemorate his victories, it saw him pass beneath it only in his coffin

Notre Dame Cathedral - a Gothic masterpiece commissioned in the 13th century

The Final Judgment -- the virtuous look on calmly from the left while the wicked worry about their fate on the right

The Nave of Notre Dame. A Mass is in progress in this working church

Rosette Window in Notre Dame

Stained glass windows, Notre Dame


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