The Sorbonne: A Beautiful Architectural Treasure

The Sorbonne has been the historical house of the former University of Paris. The name is derived from the Coll├Ęge de Sorbonne, founded in 1257 by Robert de Sorbon as one of the first significant colleges of the medieval University of Paris.

The building in which the Roundtable met with officials from the Rectorate de Paris was rebuilt late in the 19th century and became the site in which Baron de Coubertin founded the modern Olympics and the government of France honored the great French scientist, Louis Pasteur.

The beauty of the building speaks for itself. The Roundtable visited several major rooms, including the Great Ampitheater. It is a magnificent architectural treasure.

M. Neuville leads Roundtable to the Sorbonne building by passing the building housing the Sorbonne's medical faculty

M. Neuville displays great oil painting commemorating honors paid to Louis Pasteur by France in the Grand Reception Hall

A great staircase looms over entrance hall

The Great Amptheater in which Pasteur was honored


Conference room in which French university leaders settled university policy

Large reception room

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